Tyre Safety

Tyre Safety

Every day we unlock the car, start the engine and zoom away without giving another thought to the thin rubber tread that separates us from the bitumen.

It’s a fact of our busy lives that we take our cars for granted that is until they break down or we get a flat tyre or worse a tyre blow out.

When you consider that you are moving at speed with just a few centimetres of tread keeping you safe perhaps you should get your tyres checked more frequently, keeping in mind that safe tyres and correct tyre pressure saves on fuel and enables better control of the car.

Worn tyres are dangerous to you, your passengers and to other road users. Worn tyres can indicate your wheels are out of  alignment or that you have suspension or steering problems. Tyres with worn out tread, blisters, uneven wear, cracks or other defects are a potential disaster waiting to happen so do yourself a favour and check pressures and condition regularly.

And don’t forget the spare it’s there to get you out of trouble should you need it.

Call into Southport Car Service for a tyre check-up and report.

Happy motoring!