Air Bag Recall

Air Bag Recall

Takata airbag recalls list

Follow this link to view the updated list

As reported throughout the media your car air bags may need replacing as some manufactured by Takata are faulty and could cause serious harm if deployed.

Holden has confirmed it will recall approximately 330,000 vehicles in Australia.

Toyota has published a ‘check my vehicle link’

If you are unsure about the vehicle you are driving contact the dealer or manufacturer.

Alternatively you can call in to our workshop in Southport

What You Need To Do


  • Check if your vehicle has an alpha air bag. If you are unsure call in to Southport Car Service
  • Check if your vehicle is under active recall – if you have received a recall notice from the dealer or manufacturer follow their instructions as a matter of urgency
  • Your vehicle may be on a future recall list, meaning it will be replaced in the future, at the time specified in the manufacturer’s recall initiation schedule

Below is a list of manufacturers contacts

Manufacturer Phone Online
BMW 133269 Contact BMW
BMW Recalls
CHRYSLER 1800 870 714 Contact Chrysler
DODGE 1800 870 716 Contact Dodge
FERRARI + 39 (0) 5369 49111 Contact Ferrari
FORD 1800 503 672 Contact Ford
Ford Recalls
HONDA 1800 789 839 Contact Honda
Honda Recall
JEEP 1300 133 079 Contact Jeep
LEXUS 1800 023 099 Contact Lexus
MAZDA 1800 034 411 Contact Mazda
Mazda Recalls
MITSUBISHI 1300 13 12 11 Contact Mitsubishi
NISSAN 1800 035 035 Contact Nissan
Nissan Recalls
PERFORMAX 1800 737 367 Contact Performax
SUBARU 1300 550 994 Contact Subaru
Subaru Recalls
TOYOTA 1800 987 366 Contact Toyota